Personalized These Flowers Bloom Memorial Photo Plant Pot

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Indulge in the timeless beauty of our Personalized These Flowers Bloom Memorial Photo Plant Pot. Keep their memory alive with this elegant pot featuring a customizable photo display. A perfect addition to any home or garden, this pot embodies the everlasting love and cherished memories of your loved one. 🌷

Product details

Material: Ceramic.



  • Caliber: 3.54 in (9 cm).
  • Height: 2.67 in (7 cm).



  • Carefree and unrestricted design helps maintain the aesthetics of room decoration.
  • It keeps the plant hydrated for freshness and longevity and serves as a stable base for showcasing as well as preserving the desired structure.

Care Instruction:


  • Cleaning the pot with a soft cloth to prevent potential damage.
  • Not placing the product in high-temperature sources to extend printing quality.
Package: 1×Mini Plant Pot(withBamboo Tray) - plant not included


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    Please note:  This personalized plant pot is not included with plant.