Personalized The Day You Left Me Memorial Acrylic Plaque

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šŸ’•Personalized Acrylic Plaque is is the perfect keepsake to honor your friends and loved ones or commemorate your life's biggest moments and events.Ā 

Product details:

  • Material: Made of premium acrylic, thickness 0.59 in (1.5 cm).
  • Size:Ā 
    • 4Ā in (10 cm)
    • 6Ā in (15 cm)
    • 8Ā in (20 cm)
    • one-sided printing
  • Features:Ā 
    • HD printing, scratch-resistant, sturdy and durable, surface is smooth and clear without scratches. It is colorful, three-dimensional and not easy to fade. It is also safe and non-toxic, you can feel free to use it.
    • One side printed.
  • Instructions for use:Ā This plaque can be placed on any flat surface. It could be used to decorate the desk, table, shelf, cabinet, fireplace, and other areas.
  • Package:Ā A custom shaped acrylic plaque.


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Please note:Ā This is a one-sided custom printed acrylic plaque.