Personalized Men's Leather Bracelet with Silver Beads Gift for Father

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A handsome bracelet that brings out the best of your individual style, the Men's Leather Bracelet with Custom Silver Beads will complement any look.👨‍💼 

The perfect Father's Day gift for any dad looking to spice up their wardrobe (and maybe even wear it all day!). 🎉🎁

Treat someone you love to the perfect personal bracelet engraved with loved ones' names!
This simple and classic Men's Leather Bracelet has sweet personalized name beads, to show your loved one how much you really care about your family.

Size & Materials:
Thickness: 5.8mm / 0.23"
Measurement: 15.24mm x 5.59mm / 0.6" x 0.22"
Material: Sterling Silver 0.925
Chain length: Adjustable 7.5" - 9"

This product is customized jewelry and the production cycle needs 1-7 working days. We will make the products according to the order time. Therefore, in order for you to receive the products faster, it is recommended that you place an order as soon as possible.
Care instruction⭐⭐

  • All leather bracelets are sealed and conditioned with a finish to protect them from moisture & water. Leather has pores so cannot be fully waterproofed so please remove your bracelet before swimming or bathing.
  • Keep leather out of direct heat/sunlight for prolonged periods of time so it doesn’t dry out, crack or fade unevenly.

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