Personalized Memorial Wings Photo Leather Wallet Card Holder

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Elevate your style with our handcrafted Personalized Memorial Wings Photo Leather Wallet Card Holder. Keep your memories close with our elegant wallet, featuring a special photo pocket to cherish your loved ones forever. A tribute to their memory, this wallet is a sentimental and practical piece to carry with you always. 💫✨🌹

PREMIUM LEATHER AND SOFT TOUCH: This leather wallet is made of high-quality leather, which is soft to the touch, giving you a luxurious feel and a pleasant shopping experience.💕 It is also extremely durable and long-lasting, able to withstand everyday wear and tear, making it a practical and reliable accessory.✨

MULTI-LAYER AND EASY TO CARRY: Designed with multiple card slots, a full-length bill compartment, and a spacious zippered pocket, this wallet offers ample storage for various cards and coins.❤️

It provides convenient organization and easy access to your essentials, eliminating the need for carrying multiple wallets or bags. Additionally, the detachable wrist strap allows for hands-free carrying, making it ideal for shopping trips or outings.👝

Product  Details

  • Material: Leather, Polyester
  • Weight: 140g
  • Measurement: Size Closed: 5.5“ × 3.5“ × 1.2"(14cm × 9cm × 3cm)
  • Size Fully Opened: 7.48" × 5.51" × 0.27"(19cm × 14cm × 0.7cm)
  • Feature: Multi-compartment, Soft, Portable
  • Customized Area: One-Sided UV Printing
  • Care: Recommend regular wiping with a cloth.


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