Personalized Cloth Tote Bag - Gift For Beach Lovers - Just A Girl Who Loves Beaches

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Give your beach-lovin' friends/yourself a personalized tote bag you can use on your beach trips or everyday. This cloth tote bag is perfect for packing beach supplies, and it's customizable so you can show off your love of the ocean loud and proud! It's Just A Girl Who Loves Beaches - and a tote bag to prove it!

Add your name and custom design to show off your beach-loving style.

Product Details

  • This is a customized product with a customized design
  • This Tote Bag is sturdy, washable, and versatile for all everyday use.
  • The shape and color remain almost the same after times of wash and dry
  • Products are proudly printed in the United States
  • Fashionable design, very suitable for leisure, shopping, party, school, work, or travel. In addition, The unique design is very beautiful, and it is also the best choice as a gift


  • Premium polyester-cotton blend material tote bag
  • Double-sided printing
  • Size:16" * 16"


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